The Return / A Certain Trumpet / Day 14

A Kairos Moment

Let us pray.

Praise the Lord! Praise God in His sanctuary; Praise Him in His mighty expanse. Praise Him for His mighty deeds; Praise Him according to His excellent greatness…Let everything that has breath praise the Lord. Praise the Lord!

Father in heaven, examine and probe our ways. Let our words and our thoughts be acceptable in Your sight.O Lord take away our sins; be gracious to us and receive us and accept our sacrifice of praise.

Awake sinners and weep and wail. Consecrate a fast. Proclaim a solemn assembly; Gather the elders and all the inhabitants of the land to the house of the Lord your God and cry out to the LORD. Blow a trumpet in our land and sound an alarm. Help us return to You with all our hearts, spare Your people and our country, O Lord.

It is written: “At the acceptable time I listened to you, and on the day of salvation I helped you.” Behold, now is “the acceptable time,” behold, now is “the day of salvation” – giving no cause for offense in anything, so that the ministry will not be discredited, but in everything commending ourselves as servants of God, in much endurance, in afflictions, in hardships, in distresses, in beatings, in imprisonments, in tumults, in labors, in sleeplessness, in hunger, in purity, in knowledge, in patience, in kindness, in the Holy Spirit, in genuine love, in the word of truth, in the power of God; by the weapons of righteousness for the right hand and the left, by glory and dishonor, by evil report and good report; regarded as deceivers and yet true; as unknown yet well-known, as dying yet behold, we live; as punished yet not put to death, as sorrowful yet always rejoicing, as poor yet making many rich, as having nothing yet possessing all things.

Precious Holy Spirit prepare our minds for action and help us keep sober in spirit. Remind us to fix our hope completely on the grace to be brought to us at the revelation of Jesus Christ. Call our country out of darkness into Your marvelous light both to will and to work for Your good pleasure. Instruct us, teach us, and counsel us in the way we should go. Help us Proclaim the gospel with Your Mighty Word, in power and in the Holy Spirit and with full conviction for such a time as this.

In Jesus’ name,


Psalm 150:1-2,6
Hosea 14:2
Psalm 19:14
1Peter 1:13-16, 2:9
Philippians 2:13
Psalms 32:8
2 Corinthians 6:2-10
Isaiah 49:8

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The Return / A Certain Trumpet / Day 13

From Despair To Hope

Father God, O may Your glorious name be blessed and exalted above all blessing and praise!

Forgive us for our feelings of hopelessness and fear. Forgive us for taking our eyes off You by conforming to the world, hoping for satisfaction and peace. But without You, there is no hope or peace and we are left in utter despair and ruin.

Return us to a saving faith in You, the Living God, Your Son Jesus Christ and Your Holy Spirit.Strengthen our faith to believe that we WILL see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living. Give us courageous hearts and strength to wait for You in the days ahead because we know, in You, there is hope. We ask for mercy for our country; that all our people will trust in You and look around and rest securely; that they will again praise You for the help of Your presence.

Equip us to share the Gospel to a dying, hopeless and despairing world. Send Your Spirit across the lands to all who are hurting and spiritually lost. Prepare their hearts for hope everlasting. We know that Your eye is on those who fear You and hope in Your lovingkindness. Our hope is in You.

In Jesus’ name. Amen.

Nehemiah 9:5, Psalm 27:13-14, Job 11:18, Psalm 42:5, Psalm 31:24, Psalm 33:18,22, Psalm 39:7, Jack Countryman “If My People” page 42

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The Return / A Certain Trumpet / Day 12 / Vespers

Waiting On God 

Dear Lord, Your word says that You LORD are good to those who wait for You, to the people who seek You.  (Lamentations 3:25)

We pray as Hannah prayed after waiting on your timing: “Our heart exults in the Lord; our horn is exalted in the Lord, our mouths speaks boldly against our enemies, because we rejoice in Your salvation. There is no one holy like the Lord, Indeed, there is no one besides You, nor is there any rock like our God. “The Lord kills and makes alive; He brings down to Sheol and raises up. The Lord makes poor and rich; He brings low, He also exalts. He raises the poor from the dust, He lifts the needy from the ash heap to make them sit with nobles, and inherit a seat of honor; for the pillars of the earth are the Lord’s, And He set the world on them. He keeps the feet of His godly ones, but the wicked ones are silenced in darkness; for not by might shall a man prevail. Those who contend with the Lord will be shattered; against them He will thunder in the heavens, The Lord will judge the ends of the earth; and He will give strength to His king, and will exalt the horn of His anointed. Lord, we are waiting for your perfect time to set the pillars of America on the solid ground of Your Word. We know we deserve judgment, but LORD we are asking for mercy, not on our merit but so that Your Holy Name will be exalted in the earth.” 1 Samuel 2:1-2 and 6-10

But as for us, our prayer is to You, O Lord, at an acceptable time; O God, in the greatness of Your lovingkindness, answer us with Your saving truth. Deliver us from the mire and do not let us sink; may we be delivered from our foes and from the deep waters. May the flood of water not overflow us nor the deep swallow us up, nor the pit shut its mouth on us. Answer us, O Lord, for Your lovingkindness is good; according to the greatness of Your compassion, turn to us, And do not hide Your face from Your servants, for we are in distress; answer us quickly. Oh draw near to our souls and redeem it; ransom us because of our enemies! You know our reproach and our shame and our dishonor; all our adversaries are before You. Psalm 69:13–19

Let all who seek You rejoice and be glad in You; and let those who love Your salvation say continually, “Let God be magnified.” But we are afflicted and needy; hasten to us, O God! You are our help and our deliverer; O Lord, do not delay. Psalm 70:4-5

In the Precious Name of Jesus, Amen

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The Return / A Certain Trumpet / Day 11

Waiting on God

Precious LORD, our Creator, our Healer, our Provider, God Most High, we come before you praying for our country and waiting to see you act.

Your word says that you LORD are good to those who wait for You, to the person who seeks You.
It is good that we wait silently for the salvation and deliverance from You LORD.

Those who wait for the LORD will gain new strength; They will mount up with wings like eagles. They will run and not get tired. They will walk and not become weary.

Wait sounds like a passive term, but it is not. It means to intertwine like the chords of a rope.
O LORD, let us individually and as a nation be so intertwined with you that every thought and action are guided by You.

May each leader of our country have Your precepts so intertwined in their thoughts, that they govern us with mercy, righteousness and justice, based on Your Holy Word.

We pray your plans for America are plans to prosper us and not harm us. Plans to give us a hope and a future.

We wait expectantly for You to act.

We hope in the precious name of Jesus.


Lamentations 3:25 – 26
Isaiah 40:31
Jeremiah 29:11

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The Return / A Certain Trumpet / Day 10

Almighty God, our Father in heaven, maker of heaven and earth, to You be the glory. Worthy are You, our Lord, and our God, to receive glory and honor and power; O give thanks to the Lord, for He is good; For His lovingkindness is everlasting. 

Forgive us for our rebellious thoughts. Forgive us for creating our own gods and following after them. Forgive us for our haughty and prideful attitudes. We have constantly and intentionally grieved Your Holy Spirit. We have taken Your lovingkindness and patience for granted.

We humbly ask you, God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of mercies and God of all comfort, to help our country turn its heart toward you. Give us individually and corporately, a heart of righteousness instead of disobedience to make ready a people prepared for our Lord, Jesus. Rend our dull hearts. Open our deaf ears and blind eyes so that we will understand with our hearts and return to You and find healing. For You are gracious and compassionate, slow to anger, abounding in lovingkindness and relenting of evil. 

Your Word says that if we set our heart and soul to seek You continually, and glory in Your name, our hearts will be glad, for we will find You. Please help our country seek You and find You by turning their hearts toward you. We pray for our country to begin storing up treasure in heaven and not here on earth for where our treasure is, our hearts are. 

In Jesus’ name, amen.

Psalm 115:15

Revelation 4:11

1 Chronicles 16:34

Isaiah 63:102

Corinthians 1:3

Luke 1:17

Acts 28:27

Joel 2:13

Jeremiah 24:7I

1 Chronicles 22:19

I Chronicles 16:10-11

Deuteronomy 4:29

Luke 12:34

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The Return / A Certain Trumpet / Day 9 / Vespers

Dear Lord, we know the wickedness of America and that every imagining of the thoughts of our heart is evil continually.

Lord we desire the promise that though our sins are like scarlet, You will make them as white as snow. Though they are red like crimson, You will make them as white as wool.

Lord we know that only through Your grace and the blood of your son Jesus, can we be changed individually and as a nation.

Lord let us no longer walk in the futility of our mind, being darkened in our understanding, excluded from life with you. But let us walk by your grace as children of light.

Our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against powers, against the world forces of this darkness, against the spiritual forces of wickedness in the heavenly places.
Therefore, help us to take up Your full Armor, Lord; that we may be able to resist in the evil day, and having done everything, to stand firm.
Praying in the Spirit at all times, being on alert with all perseverance and petition for all the saints.

Specifically, Lord, we pray for all the leaders and speakers and workers for The Return. They are in a spiritual battle against satan’s forces. Please hedge them in on all sides with great protection. Protect them body, soul, spirit, emotions and thoughts. Please also protect their families. Allow them to have clear minds to plan and organize exactly the way you want it Lord.

We ask your protection and favor on America. So we can truly be known as one nation under the only true God and Creator, and we can again glorify your Holy Name.

In Jesus name. Amen

Genesis 6:5
Isaiah 1:8
Ephesians 5:8
Ephesians 4:17–18
Ephesians 6:12-18

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The Return / A Certain Trumpet / Day 9

Turning From Evil Deeds

Heavenly Father, we know our sins and the sins of our Nation are a reproach to you and Your Holy Name. We ask for your grace to enable us to turn from our wicked ways and Return to You. We ask that the forgiveness of David and the restoration of Israel be applied to us and to our nation.

We magnify and honor Your Word:

Be gracious to us, O God, according to Your lovingkindness; according to the greatness of Your compassion blot out our transgressions. Wash us thoroughly from our iniquity and cleanse us from our sin. For we know our transgressions, and our sin is ever before us. Against You, You only, we have sinned and done what is evil in Your sight,
So that You are justified when You speak and blameless when You judge. Behold, we were brought forth in iniquity, and in sin our mother conceived us. Behold, You desire truth in the innermost being, and in the hidden part You will make us know wisdom. Purify us with hyssop, and we shall be clean; wash us, and we shall be whiter than snow. Make us to hear joy and gladness, let the bones which You have broken rejoice. Hide Your face from our sins and blot out all our iniquities. Create in us a clean heart, O God, and renew a steadfast spirit within us. Do not cast us away from Your presence and do not take Your Holy Spirit from us. Restore to us the joy of Your salvation and sustain us with a willing spirit. Then we will teach transgressors Your ways, and sinners will be converted to You. Deliver us from bloodguiltiness, O God, the God of our salvation; then our tongue will joyfully sing of Your righteousness. O Lord, open our lips, that our mouth may declare Your praise.

Holy Father, as David for his country, we pray that you will have mercy on America, blot out our transgressions and restore us to a nation united in peace and freedom under your Mighty Hand. (Psalm 51:1-17 NASB) [Paraphrased]

In the Precious Name of our Lord and Savior Jesus, Amen

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The Return / A Certain Trumpet / Day 8

Let us humble ourselves before our God.  Let us pray.  

Heavenly Father, we come to you this morning to pray that a spirit of humility indwells us.  Humility is not a natural human tendency.

We know humility is forgoing one’s status, and using our resources and influence for the good of others before ourselves.  Simply put, it is the willingness to hold power in the service of others.  It is the noble choice. Humility enhances the ordinary and makes the great even greater.

But Lord, we also know from Your Word that humility is not head-knowledge.  Humility is an attitude – an outward manifestation of what is in our hearts.   We understand that You desire that we humbly obey Your commandments.  You tell us plainly that “You oppose the proud, but give grace to the humble.” (James 4:6)King Solomon reminds us “showing respect to the Lord will make you wise, and being humble will bring honor to you.” (Proverbs 15:33)

Father God, it wasn’t until You sent Your only son to live on this earth that we really began to grasp that humility is a central characteristic of the ethical life.  Jesus taught that “God blesses those who are humble, for they will inherit the whole earth.” (Matthew 5:5).  “Those who exalt themselves will be humbled, and those who humble themselves will be exalted”.  (Luke 14:11) Put another way, “if you walk around with your nose in the air, you’re going to end up flat on your face.  But if you’re content to simply be yourself, you will become more than yourself.”

Father, we thank you and praise you that Jesus didn’t just teach about humility.  He lived out a life of humility and service to others.  He didn’t come to be served but to serve.  It was Jesus who washed the feet of the disciples.  It was Jesus who healed the sick and the blind.  Most importantly, it was Jesus who humbled himself to Your will even unto death on the cross so that we might be saved.

We are saddened by the iniquities and absence of humility in our world. Too many of Your people have forgotten the teachings of Jesus, forgotten Your commandments, and forgotten the sanctifying reason of Christ’s death on the cross. Lord we pray that You will stir the hearts of Your people, as we were once told: “Then if my people who are called by my name will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, I will hear from heaven and will forgive their sins and restore their land.” (2 Chronicles 7:14 NLT)

We pray today for humble hearts.  We pray that as followers of Christ we become humble servants of one another.  Please help us today to recognize opportunities to follow Jesus’ example and live out humility in our own lives.

Father, we ask for Your continued grace as we adopt a spirit of humility in our hearts.  We pray that we live out that humility to serve those around us.  Lastly Father, we pray for restoration and healing for our land.


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The Return / A Certain Trumpet / Day 7

This is the day the Lord has made, and we are glad and rejoice in it.

Let us come before our God in prayer and supplication.

Father we pray to you this morning for Your creation, and especially for the people that are called by Your name everywhere. There is much turmoil in the lands including in America. But we are not shaken. We know that You remain on Your throne and that Jesus is at Your right hand. We hold steadfast to Your promises – even in the midst of the sin and evil around us. We thank You for Your son Jesus who died on the cross for our sin, so that we may be saved.

During the forty days after Jesus suffered and died, he appeared to the apostles and proved to them in many ways that he was alive. And he talked to them about the Kingdom of God. During this time, he commanded them, “Do not leave Jerusalem until the Father sends you the gift he promised. You will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes upon you. And you will be my witnesses, telling people about me everywhere—in Jerusalem, throughout Judea, in Samaria, and to the ends of the earth.”

After Jesus had ascended into heaven, the apostles returned to Jerusalem from the Mount of Olives. When they arrived, they went to the upper room they had been using as a meeting place. Your Word tells us what happened next:

“They all continued with one accord in prayer and supplication, with the women and Mary the mother of Jesus, and with His brothers.” (ACTS 1:14)

Father, help us to likewise adopt an Upper Room Posture. We pray for wisdom to know and embrace what such a posture looks like. Through Your Word we know that :

  1. An Upper Room Posture is Obedient. The early Church did just as they were commanded, to return to Jerusalem and wait.
  2. An Upper Room Posture is prayerful.
  3. An Upper Room Posture acts in unity, encouraging and supporting one another.
  4. An Upper Room Posture acknowledges and praises You with thanksgiving and wholehearted devotion for past mercies and future promises, having faith in the teaching of Jesus Christ our Lord.
  5. An Upper Room Posture disciples, telling people everywhere about Jesus, even to the ends of the earth.

Father, give our generation the light of the knowledge of You in Christ. Disrupt and refine our routines so that we find the delights of Your Upper Room again. Show us Your glory and make us one! Lord, we pray today that in our current fallen world we adopt an Upper Room Posture like that of Your original apostles and earliest disciples. Help us to be vessels demonstrating lives of obedience. Use each of us, in some small way, to begin the Return and revival that this nation and world need.


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The Return / A Certain Trumpet / Day 6

Father, we call to You with shofar and heart.

The sound of the shofar has particular significance for us this morning, It reminds us that You have appointed this time as the Feast of Trumpets, the beginning of a time of repentance and consecration. We enter into it with joy for Your mercy and justice, and with adoration for the magnificence of Your creation and for the precious gift of Jesus.

The sound of the trumpet also foretells of the Second Coming of Your Son, and a time of accounting and judgment.

We are reminded of the people of Nineveh, reprobates all. And we are reminded of the disobedience of your servant Jonah who rejected Your call to go to Nineveh. But we are also heartily encouraged by the Nineveh story. Your Word tells us what happened:

Then the LORD spoke to Jonah a second time: “Get up and go to the great city of Nineveh, and deliver the message I have given you.” This time Jonah obeyed the LORD’s command and went to Nineveh, a city so large that it took three days to see it all. On the day Jonah entered the city, he shouted to the crowds: “Forty days from now Nineveh will be destroyed!” [And] The people of Nineveh believed God’s message, and from the greatest to the least, they declared a fast and put on burlap to show their sorrow.

When the king of Nineveh heard what Jonah was saying, he stepped down from his throne and took off his royal robes. He dressed himself in burlap and sat on a heap of ashes. Then the king and his nobles sent this decree throughout the city: “No one, not even the animals from your herds and flocks, may eat or drink anything at all. People and animals alike must wear garments of mourning, and everyone must pray earnestly to God. They must turn from their evil ways and stop all their violence. Who can tell? Perhaps even yet God will change his mind and hold back his fierce anger from destroying us.” [And] When God saw what they had done and how they had put a stop to their evil ways, he changed his mind and did not carry out the destruction he had threatened. Jonah 3

Like the people of Nineveh, we are living in times of rebellion and wickedness. We have sinned, turning aside from Your commandments. Open shame belongs to us. Because of our sins your people have become a reproach to those around us.

Lord, we know that You are compassionate and longsuffering, and that You desire none be lost. Forgive us for the great sins in our nation and as believers. Please rise and take action to revive your Church and to bring about a turning. Let Your eyes be open and Your ears attentive to our prayers and our repentance for the people of God and for our nation.

Lord, help us to grasp our Nineveh moment. Let us concentrate ourselves to the task before us. We plead that You hear us in heaven and that even now Lord, as you did for the Ninevites, provide for the Return of your people to righteous living that that honors and glorifies You.

We lift up this prayer to You in the precious name of Your Son and our Lord Jesus Christ.


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